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If you’ve never called for skip bins before, you might be a little confused. The people on the other end might ask questions that you can’t quite answer immediately. Well, don’t worry. Here are the issues that we recommend you know the answers to before you call for skip bin hire Perth.

First, consider the size. We sure are.

Some bins come in 2, 3, 3, and six cubic meter sizes. All sizes have low side and wheelbarrow variants so that you can save time. Select the size that fits your needs, because bigger ones do cost more. Be sure to check if they have the dimensions when you for skip bin hire Perth.

The price of a bin is inclusive of a few things.

Most providers will ask for your address, the size required, materials you expect to dump into it, and how long you need it. This allows us to give you a price that suits your parameters and brings good value for your money.

The price also includes a few minor extras. Pick-up and delivery, for instance, are included.

Specific materials and substances shouldn’t go into a skip bin. Bins are often used for general cleaning for households, garages, and gardens. Moving house and renovations can also see them used because these generate a lot of clutter.

However, food scraps and liquid waste are right out. Medical waste, asbestos, acids, poisons, and industrial chemicals are also not allowed in the bins.

You can mix the contents as needed, though this would cause rates to vary. Green waste, household rubbish, and construction materials all have different rates. Environmental regulations may also require you to separate your waste, rather than lump it all together.

All bins are marked “do not fill above the top.” This is for safety reasons and legal limits.

Skip bins aren’t allowed to be filled higher than the rim. Careful loading to avoid spilling is also essential since something being spilt in transit can be a huge problem. Overfilled bins may incur a charge, or the excess removed and left behind by the crew.

The bins are designed to hold up to a maximum of three tonnes. This is the safe lifting limit. Containers that have a higher capacity will not be allowed to contain solid materials.

Any other questions you need to ask about skip bin hire Perth; you can call us to find out. We’ll be happy to answer any queries that you might have.

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