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A demolition is a lot of work. Sure, it looks easy tearing something down, but it requires a lot of effort. If there are other buildings around, it also takes planning to avoid damaging what’s around. This work always creates a lot of waste and debris.

Regulations, legislation, and practically say that proper waste management is essential at a demolition site. That’s why many of them rely on skip bin hire Perth.

However, just what options are best when it comes to such locations? After all, the needs of such work and the nature of the rubbish they generate are going to be different. The more typical skip bin hire Perth used by residential areas might not cut it, right?

One option would be to use more traditional skips.

These are going to be open and come in a variety of sizes. You can get them for storing bulky or inert materials, though keep an eye on the list of what goes and what doesn’t. In particular, toxic materials are things you’ll need specialized containers for, so prepare accordingly if you expect that.

An alternative would be mini-skips. Specifically, you’re looking at the models that have drop-down doors.

These are useful because they reduce the need to handle the debris manually, and the ease of loading and unloading the skips is higher. If you have a wheelbarrow on-site (and you probably do), then you can use that to haul materials around. From there, you just need to call for regular pick-up.

Covered skip bins are also an option that you could look into for your demolition jobs.

They provide a more secure structure compared to other types. The option to enclose the contents, along with the access doors, allows for manual loading and unloading. They can also protect the contents from contaminants. This is important if you’re looking to recycle the contents.

Closed bins can prevent the contents from being spread, in the event of a strong wind. If this is a concern for your location – or you expect to have a lot of small debris – this is a great way to store your rubbish. At the same time, you can avoid being a nuisance to people around the site.

These are the main options for dealing with skip bin hire Perth for demolition. All of them will be made of sturdy materials, so if you don’t overload, you should have no trouble. However, we still advise that you try to get any protrusions or sharp edges trimmed or blunted if possible.

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