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Skip bins are pretty good things. Perth bin hire can seem complicated, though. There are all sorts of If you’re doing a renovation, major clean-up, or landscaping, having them is essential. It’s a great way to get rid of unnecessary trips to rubbish disposal facilities.

However, there is the matter of cost. Fortunately, we’re here to help break things down a little.

Skip bins, in simple terms, are giant rubbish bins. Skip bins can be anywhere from two to thirty cubic metres, giving them an impressive capacity for containing things. You’ll usually get them from a skip hire company like us, which will arrange for a length of time.

Why is there a length of time? Well, it’s because the bin is delivered and then picked up at specific times. For smaller bins, it’s possible to arrange for things to be picked up regularly. Larger bins will usually be picked up once or twice, over the course of the project period.

As you already know, skip bins come in a variety of types, sizes, and shapes. Mixed heavy ones, for instance. There’s also ones specifically for green waste or soil and dirt. Finally, there are the ones that are for general waste and rubbish, like what you’d find in an office.

Mixed heavy bins are used for various purposes. Generally, if you’re looking for domestic, commercial, demolition, or construction and renovation waste, you want one of these.

Bins have maximum load capacity. Mixed heavy skip bins are the ones that are built to take heavy loads, so they’re best for various purposes. They also don’t come with a capacity restriction. The only real limit is that the bin has to be closed so nothing spills out during transit.

In general, bigger bins will cost more. The larger size has better capacity. However, be sure to check the type! Not all big bins are the same type. Sometimes, you might find one that’s the wrong kind and won’t accept the load that you expect for your project or purpose.

You can cut on the costs, though. For instance, you can get discounts for a “clean fill.” A clean fill is when the contents of a bin are of one material only, such as concrete.

Skip bins companies also offer deals for certain materials. Metal roofing or scraps, for instance, can get you a discount if there’s enough of them. In some cases, we may end up paying you for these materials so we can salvage them!

Unusual items like insulation or mattresses cost extra. Anything toxic like asbestos will not be allowed and if they’re found, we’ll have to fine you.

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